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Irma Dishnica (Founder and President)

Irma Dishnica is Founder and President of CFO Accountability LLC. She has 15 years of direct experience in In-House accounting, controller and consulting services for companies of all sizes across industries. Her experience includes administering (on a yearly basis) accounts receivable of $12.5M, accounts payable of $6.8M, payroll of $3.4M (more than 50 employees), as well as 941 reporting, unemployment reporting, and quarterly reports required by State and Federal authorities.

Irma has processed and managed all aspects of business. She can start files from scratch for new or existing businesses, as well as transfer software records into Quickbooks.

In addition to Quickbooks, her specialties include Union reporting (pension and health insurance), job cost processing, CF Data, Xero.

Irma works with a lot of start ups and helps them with Right Business Practices and to start right. 

Irma holds a BS in Accounting and Finance Management from Northeastern University. She is a Notary Public, and is fluent in English, Albanian, Spanish, and Greek.

Irma lives in Sudbury, MA and enjoys building memories with her family.  She has a daughter of 11 years old and a son of 7 years old.