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Modern accountants are problem-solvers and business advisors.  

Using the tools below, this is exactly what we offer to our clients.

Services in a nutshell

Controller Principal Accountabilities:


  1. Maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures
  2. Manage outsourced functions
  3. Oversee the operations of the accounting department, including the design of an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department's goals and objectives
  4. Oversee the accounting operations of subsidiary corporations, especially their control systems, transaction-processing operations, and policies and procedures.
  5.  Help with quotes for your Insurance.  Complete application, speak with the proper parties, get quotes and report to the business owner with a variety of quotes.  Workers Compensation, Liability, Health Insurance, Error & Emissions, Directors and Officers Insurance etc.


  1. Ensure that accounts payable are paid in a timely manner
  2. Ensure that all reasonable discounts are taken on accounts payable
  3. Ensure that accounts receivable are collected promptly
  4. Process payroll in a timely manner
  5. Ensure that periodic bank reconciliations are completed
  6. Ensure that required debt payments are made on a timely basis
  7. Maintain the chart of accounts
  8. Maintain an orderly accounting filing system
  9. Maintain a system of controls over accounting transactions


  1. Issue timely and complete financial statements
  2. Coordinate the preparation of the corporate annual report
  3. Recommend benchmarks against which to measure the performance of company operations
  4. Calculate and issue financial and operating metrics
  5. Manage the production of the annual budget and forecasts
  6. Calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management
  7. Provide for a system of management cost reports
  8. Provide financial analyses as needed, in particular for capital investments, pricing decisions, and contract negotiations


  1. Coordinate the provision of information to external auditors for the annual audit
  2. Monitor debt levels and compliance with debt covenants
  3. Comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements and tax filings

In-House Accounting Services:

  1. Purchase supplies and equipment as authorized by management
  2. Monitor office supply levels and reorder as necessary
  3. Tag and monitor fixed assets
  4. Pay supplier invoices in a timely manner
  5. Take all reasonable discounts on supplier invoices
  6. Pay any debt as it comes due for payment
  7. Monitor debt levels and compliance with debt covenants
  8. Issue invoices to customers
  9. Collect sales taxes from customers and remit them to the government
  10. Ensure that receivables are collected promptly
  11. Record cash receipts and make bank deposits
  12. Conduct a monthly reconciliation of every bank account
  13. Conduct periodic reconciliations of all accounts to ensure their accuracy
  14. Maintain the petty cash fund
  15. Issue financial statements
  16. Provide information to the external accountant who creates the company’s financial statements
  17. Assemble information for external auditors for the annual audit
  18. Calculate and issue financial analysis of the financial statements
  19. Maintain an orderly accounting filing system
  20. Maintain the chart of accounts
  21. Maintain the annual budget
  22. Calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management
  23. Comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements
  24. Process payroll in a timely manner
  25. Provide clerical and administrative support to management as requested
Income-Related Tasks
  • Record payments from your clients
  • Enter bank deposits and classify to appropriate income categories
  • Enter Paypal and other credit card income and classify
  • Track client underpayments and overpayments
  • Create and manage sales/accounts receivable invoices
  • Track delayed payments and send reminders, if needed
Expense-Related Tasks
  • Record checks that were sent out and enter proper codes to classify
  • Enter Paypal, debit and credit card transactions to correct expense categories
  • Enter supplier/accounts payable invoicesand route for approvals
  • Set up online bill payments to pay your suppliers (if that is your choice)
  • Create reports on how much money you owe your suppliers
  • Enter staff payroll information
  • Track advance payments made to company staff

Job Cost Transactions
  • Apply all costs to jobs
  • Apply all payments to jobs
  • Manage job cost
  • Contract management
  • Verify deposits against bank statements, and scrutinize for discrepancies
  • Reconcile credit card transactions
  • Reconcile bank statements
Reports Provided for Controller Purposes
  • Income and Expense statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Amount that customers owe you (A/R aging)
  • Amount that you owe your suppliers (A/P aging)
  • General ledger
  • Reconciliation
  • Vendor 1099 reports
  • Other custom reports you need
  • W-2 and W-3
  • Quarterly form 941
  • Monthly union reports (if applicable)